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One of the main goals of Palworld is to catch every Pal and complete your Paldeck. According to the developer Pocketpair, there are 113 Pals to catch in Early Access.

The Pals in Palworld are small, cuddly, but sometimes also unfriendly foes. They can fight alongside you, be used as a mount or work in your base. While, as mentioned above, there are only 113 Pal in the Early Access version of Palworld, we’re expecting 175 Pals in the full version.

Each Pal has one or two types (referred to as Elements in Palworld), which determine which tasks each companion is suitable for. Fire-type Pals, for example, can always light a campfire. In addition to the normal Pals, there are also variations of certain Pals that have a different element. There are also the Lucky variant and Alpha Pals, which you can encounter as a boss.

On this page:

  • All Palworld Pals we’ve found so far
  • All other Palworld Pals

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All Palworld Pals we’ve found so far

We have listed all the Pals from Palworld, along with their type and specialities, along with a picture of each, so you can know immediately which creatures to look out for. Where a Pal has a second form, we’ve highlighted this in brackets alongside them.


  • Number: #001
  • Element: Neutral
  • Abilities: This sheep transforms into a fluffy shield and can roll over enemies. It uses a machine gun in battle. Helps with repairing, building, transporting and collecting. Good starter pal.

Palworld: Lamball


  • Number: #002
  • Element: Neutral
  • Abilities: Can help you build and punch with its fists in battle. The Pal can also carry supplies and increase your maximum capacity.

Palworld: Cattiva


  • Number: #003
  • Element: Neutral
  • Abilities: Attacks with its pointed beak. It can lay eggs, is edible, and extremely common.

Palworld: Chikipi


  • Number: #004
  • Element: Grass
  • Abilities: Uses a submachine gun and becomes a living weapon that sits on your shoulder. It can mine resources, help with construction and on the assembly line.

Palworld: Lifmunk


  • Number: #005
  • Element: Fire
  • Abilities: This Pal transforms into a flamethrower and can generate flames for lighting and heating.

Palworld: Foxparks


  • Number: #006
  • Element: Water
  • Abilities: Body slams into enemies.

Paldeck Fuack screen
Palworld: Fuack | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer


  • Number: #007
  • Element: Electric
  • Abilities: Can keep generators running with its electricity and can boost the attacks of other Electric Pals.

Palworld: Sparkit


  • Number: #008
  • Element: Grass
  • Abilities: This Pal uses an AK-47 and you can equip him as the same weapon on your shoulder. The Pal is also a small hobby gardener and can help with pretty much any other small task.
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Palworld: Tanzee


  • Number: #010
  • Element: Water/Ice
  • Abilities: The Pengullet Rocket Launcher allows the Pal to use itself as a projectile. Many Pengullets can stand on top of each other to quickly transport tools upwards during construction. Is a good assembly line worker.

Palworld: Pengullet

Jolthog (Cryst)

  • Number: #012 (#012b)
  • Element: Electric (Ice)
  • Abilities: With one ability, the Pal transforms into an electric grenade. Jolthog can run generators with its electricity.

Palworld: Jolthog


  • Number: #013
  • Element: Grass/Ground
  • Abilities: While in the team, increases damage while logging.

Paldeck Gumoss screen
Palworld: Gumoss | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer


  • Number: #014
  • Element: Neutral
  • Abilities: Releases a powerful pheromone that confuses opponents.

Palworld: Vixy


  • Number: #015
  • Element: Dark
  • Abilities: While in the team, increases attack of other Dark Pals.

Paldeck Hoocrates screen
Palworld: Hoocrates | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer


  • Number: #017
  • Element:Dark
  • Abilities: A little Pal that drinks energy drinks for short burts of high movement speed.

Palworld: Depresso


  • Number: #017
  • Element: Neutral
  • Abilities: Increases attack power of other Neutral Pals, and sometimes drops wool when at the Ranch.

Paldeck Cremis screen
Palworld: Cremis | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer


  • Number: #019
  • Element: Dark
  • Abilities: Can send other Pals to sleep. Stays by your side in battle and supports your attacks with its partner ability.

Palworld: Daedream


  • Number: #020
  • Element: Ground
  • Abilities: Can be ridden and while mounted increases the ability to destory boulders.

Paldeck Rushoar screen
Palworld: Rushoar | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer

Mau (Cryst)

  • Number: #024 (#024b)
  • Element: Dark (Ice)
  • Abilities: Deals damage with dark energy and can summon an orb that chases enemies. Occasionally the cat will find gold coins for you.

Palworld: Mau

  • #026 Direhowl – Neutral
  • Direhowl

    • Number: #026
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: Can be ridden, and moves faster than most mounts.

    Paldeck Direhowl screen
    Palworld: Direhowl | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer


    • Number: #027
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: Has a grenade launcher that shoots exploding eggs. Fittingly, it drops gunpowder.

    Palworld: Tocotoco


    • Number: #028
    • Element: Grass
    • Abilities: This Pal flies through the air and drops exploding seeds.

    Palworld: Flopie

    Gobfin (Ignis)

    • Number: #031 (#031b)
    • Element: Water (Fire)
    • Abilities: It has a water pistol with which it deals damage and also strengthens your attacks. This Pal is a good assembly line worker and can build, craft and water plants.

    Palworld: Gobfin

    Hangyu (Cryst)

    • Number: #032 (#032b)
    • Element: Ground (Ice)
    • Abilities: Can carry other Pals and break iron.

    Palworld: Hangyu

    Mossanda (Lux)

    • Number: #033 (#033b)
    • Element: Grass (Electric)
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal. Uses two rocket launchers and don’t underestimate its right hook either.

    Palworld: Mossandra


    • Number: #035 (#033b)
    • Element: Grass
    • Abilities: Keep Caprity well fed, and it’ll keep producing berries for you.

    Caprity Paldeck screen
    Palworld: Caprity | Image credit: PocketPair/Eurogamer


    • Number: #036
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: Can be ridden and can dash forwards to inflict damage on enemies.

    Palworld: Melpaca

    Eikthyrdeer (Terra)

    • Number: #037 (#037b)
    • Element: Neutral (Ground)
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal. It can even do double jumps. With its ability, it can fell trees incredibly effectively.

    Palworld: Eikthyrdeer


    • Number: #038
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: You can fly on this Pal. It can fire dangerous beams from its beak.

    Palworld: Nitewing

    Incineram (Nox)

    • Number: #040 (#040b)
    • Element: Fire/Dark (Dark)
    • Abilities: Attacks opponents with its sharp claws. Can repair or build things and drops materials.

    Palworld: Incineram


    • Number: #042
    • Element: Fire
    • Abilities: Can be ridden and keeps you warm. It can smash enemies or stones with its horns. It also has other abilities for the offensive.

    Palworld: Arsox


    • Number: #044
    • Element: Dark
    • Abilities: It can teleport over short distances and deal damage with dark energy and can perform a quick beak attack.
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    Palworld: Cawgnito

    Leezpunk (Ignis)

    • Number: #045 (#045b)
    • Element: Dark (Fire)
    • Abilities: Its sixth sense allows the Pal to track down nearby dungeons. This Pal guides other Pals in their work.

    Palworld: Leezpunk


    • Number: #046
    • Element: Dark
    • Abilities: The Pal gets sharp claws that glow in the dark. The Pal is particularly good at crafting.

    Palworld: Loupmoon


    • Number: #047
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: You can use this Pal as a glider. However, if it gets tired and can drop you.

    Palworld: Galeclaw

    Robinquill (Terra)

    • Number: #048 (#048b)
    • Element: Grass (Grass/Ground)
    • Abilities: If this Pal uses his partner ability, your critical hit point damage is increased. The Pal itself uses a small bow in battle and supports you in building.

    Palworld: Robinquill


    • Number: #049
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: Jumps into the air and inflicts damage on impact. It can also boost its own attacks. It is happy to help with building and crafting.

    Palworld: Gorirat


    • Number: #051
    • Element: Grass
    • Abilities: The Queen Bee controls an endless amount of buzzing servants. She has the “Queen Bee Command” ability.

    Palworld: Elizabee


    • Number: #056
    • Element: Electric
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal. It can also run generators with its power and drops materials.

    Palworld: Univolt

    Pyrin (Noct)

    • Number: #058
    • Element: Fire (Fire/Dark)
    • Abilities: Can be used as a mount. Can attack with a spirit fire, a fire blast and a sand blast. Collects tinder and can generate flames.

    Palworld: Pyrin


    • Number: #060
    • Element: Electric
    • Abilities: This Pal sends out shockwaves that can stun enemies and is said to rain lightning from the sky. It can use its power to run generators.

    Palworld: Rayhound


    • Number: #061
    • Element: Fire
    • Abilities: With flame tornadoes that it can send across the battlefield, this Pal proves to be a useful fighter. Nevertheless, it is a rather timid companion.

    Palworld: Kitsun


    • Number: #062
    • Element: Electric
    • Abilities: Thanks to his partner skill, this Pal boosts your attacks with lightning bolts.

    Palworld: Dazzi

    Dinossom (Lux)

    • Number: #064 (#064b)
    • Element: Grass/Dragon (Electric/Dragon)
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal with Ride. You can also swing its tail to inflict damage.

    Palworld: Dinossom

    Surfent (Terra)

    • Number: #065 (#065b)
    • Element: Water (Ground)
    • Abilities: The fastest Pal in the water and has a powerful “Aqua Blast”, along with a range of other powerful water attacks.

    Palworld: Surfent


    • Number: #067
    • Element: Ground
    • Abilities: This Pal uses its sharp drills as weapons in battle. Can break and mine stones.

    Palworld: Digtoise


    • Number: #069
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: This Pal shoots a beam of dark energy from its chest. It can also cause stones to fly into the air and crash down on enemies.

    Palworld: Lovander


    • Number: #079
    • Element: Ice
    • Abilities: Can throw ice patches at opponents to damage them.

    Palworld: Sibelyx


    • Number: #080
    • Element: Dragon
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal and fly across the map. It can dodge attacks wonderfully and uses its purple-coloured poisonous saliva to inflict damage.

    Palworld: Elphidran


    • Number: #082
    • Element: Water/Dragon
    • Abilities: This Pal can recognise poison and gives your attacks additional water damage – but only while you are mounted. It can also water your plants.

    Palworld: Azurobe

    Relaxaurus (Lux)

    • Number: #085 (#085b)
    • Element: Dragon/Water (Dragon/Electric)
    • Abilities: You can ride this dragon, and make it a living missle shooting turret.

    Palworld: Relaxaurus

    Broncherry (Aqua)

    • Number: #086 (#086b)
    • Element: Grass (Grass/Water)
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal. It deals damage by unleashing a beam from its chest.

    Palworld: Broncherry

    Reptyro (Cryst)

    • Number: #088 (#088b)
    • Element: Fire/Ground (Ice/Ground)
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal so that it extracts resources better. If it comes into contact with a lot of water quickly, the water evaporates explosively.
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    Palworld Reptyro

    Kingpaca (Cryst)

    • Number: #089 (#089b)
    • Element: Neutral (Ice)
    • Abilities: This large Pal carries supplies and increases your inventory with his partner ability and has a powerful attack.

    Palworld: Kingpaca

    Mammorest (Cryst)

    • Number: #090 (#090b)
    • Element: Grass (Ice)
    • Abilities: Mammorest can be ridden. It can stomp into the ground in battle, causing damage to enemies.

    Palworld: Mammorest


    • Number: #092
    • Element: Grass/Ground
    • Abilities: It can split large stones and also break them down.

    Palworld: Warsect


    • Number: #093
    • Element: Neutral
    • Abilities: You can ride this Pal. It can jump in the air. It inflicts damage on enemies with its horns and can protect itself by freezing. It has a rain of acid and a water jet. It can also chop down trees.

    Palworld: Fenglope


    • Number: #100
    • Element: Ground
    • Abilities: Turns your attacks into Ground attacks. Anubis dodges attacks quickly and also attacks with a sandblast. He is also a good assembly line worker and good at building.

    Palworld: Anubis


    • Number: #103
    • Element: Electric
    • Abilities: You can also ride this Pal. It can build, craft and run generators or threaten enemies with its minigun.

    Palworld: Grizzbolt


    • Number: #105
    • Element: Fire
    • Abilities: This Pal serves as a flying animal and carries you safely through the air.

    Palworld: Faleris


    • Number: #107
    • Element: Dark
    • Abilities: You can fly on this fast Pal. Its abilities are said to have the mysterious names “Modified DNA”, “Dark Laser” and “Divine Disaster”.

    Palworld: Darkbeak


    • Number: #111
    • Element: Dragon
    • Abilities: You can take to the skies with this legendary dragon. It should also be able to shoot other comets and meteors.

    Palworld: Jetragon

    All other Palworld Pals

    We have included every other known Pal below. We don’t have pictures or details on them all yet, but we’ll be updating this page as we come closer to completing our Paldeck.

    • #009 Rooby – Fire
    • #011 Penking – Water/Ice
    • #016 Teafant – Water
    • #021 Nox – Dark
    • #022 Fuddler – Ground
    • #023 Killamari – Dark
    • #025 Celaray – Water
    • #029 Mozzarina – Neutral
    • #030 Bristla – Grass
    • #034 Woolipop – Neutral
    • #039 Ribbuny – Neutral
    • #041 Cinnamoth – Grass
    • #043 Dumud – Ground
    • #050 Beegarde – Grass
    • #052 Grintale – Neutral
    • #053 Swee – Ice
    • #054 Sweepa – Ice
    • #055 Chillet – Ice/Dragon
    • #057 Foxcicle – Ice
    • #059 Reindrix – Ice
    • #063 Lunaris – Neutral
    • #066 Maraith – Dark
    • #068 Tombat – Dark
    • #070 Flambelle – Fire
    • #071 Vanwyrm (Cryst) – Fire/Dark (Ice/Dark)
    • #072 Bushi – Fire
    • #073 Beakon – Electric
    • #074 Ragnahawk – Fire
    • #075 Katress – Dark
    • #076 Wixen – Fire
    • #077 Verdash – Grass
    • #078 Vaelet – Grass
    • #081 Kelpsea – Water
    • #083 Cryolinx – Ice
    • #084 Blazehowl (Noct) – Fire (Fire/Dark)
    • #087 Petallia – Grass
    • #091 Wumpo (Botan) – Ice (Grass)
    • #094 Felbat – Dark
    • #095 Quivern – Dragon
    • #096 Blazamut – Fire
    • #097 Helzephyr – Dark
    • #098 Astegon – Dragon/Dark
    • #099 Menasting – Dark/Ground
    • #101 Jormuntide (Ignis) – Dragon/Water (Dragon/Fire)
    • #102 Suzaku (Aqua) – Fire (Water)
    • #104 Lyleen (Noct) – Grass (Dark)
    • #106 Orserk – Dargon/Electric
    • #108 Paladius – Neutral
    • #109 Necromus – Dark
    • #110 Frostallion – Ice
    • #112 ??? – ???
    • #113 ??? – ???

    That’s it for our list of Palworld Pals, but don’t forget to check-out our Palworld Type chart, and tips on Fast Travel, Pal Fluids and multiplayer.

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